Fair in México

Joalpe presents in ANTAD 2017

See us on a 360º platform

Visit us at Euroshop 2017 and enjoy a space thought and built specially to show you a world of solutions. See and use our shopping baskets, that will give you new shopping experiences, see our new systems for product organization in the shelves, maximizing sells and minimizing human efforts, and we invite you to watch, on a daily basis, the beauty of the ballet, on a booth where our innovations and solutions will be 360º degrees around you. We will be very pleased to receive you.

Increasing customer relationship

Thinking constantly on an excellency service to our customers, and in solutions that answer to their needs, we had developed technological platforms that allows a biggest interaction between our commercial team and our customers. Come and see, test and discover, our retail solutions and our products, because we’ll have the best solutions for your needs.

Double your Shopping Experience

We present you the Gendouble, the only shopping basket in the world that doubles your shopping experience. We created Gendouble, a unique shopping trolley that allows your clients to separate goods during shopping. With an attractive design, smooth and confortable to use and the quality and innovation that distinguish Joalpe’s products, the Gendouble has a double space for the goods so your customers can take care of the fragile products during all the time they'll stay in the store.

Certification SA8000 renewal

Joalpe maintains its certification in Social Accountabillity by fulfilling the requirements of standard SA8000.

Awarded for the first time in December 2012 and certified again in December 2015, this accreditation has a three year validity which includes two annual follow-up audits.

Last follow-up, held in October, was once more performed by the auditors of the Portuguese Association of Certification (APCER), and counted with the presence of Badrinath Gulur, co-author of standard SA8000 and Lead Accreditation auditor at the Social Accountability Accreditation Services, the international agency for accreditation. During the audit, any non compliance was documented.

By implementing standard SA8000, Joalpe acknowledges ongoing concern in continuous improvement, demonstrating simultaneously, a duty of care for the social impact of its practices and labor conditions of employees, partners and suppliers.

Created in 1989, standard SA8000 constitutes an international reference for responsible corporate human resource management, based on the implementation of the International Labor Organization (ILO) conventions, Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

In Portugal there are 37 companies certified in accordance with standard SA8000 , totaling 17.000 direct jobs.